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Understanding your partner’s sexuality

Being able to understand your partner’s sexuality is something that a lot of people do not have to deal with. Most of the time, the sexuality of your partner is something that is pretty similar to you. However, if you and your partner do not seem to agree on sexual preferences then you will need to reach an understanding.


Bisexuality is something that is very common. Your partner may prefer the company of both men and women. If this is something that you are curious about then make sure to ask them. You should also make sure that you come together and set some ground rules, what is considered cheating and what is not.


If you have a partner that is into swinging and you are not then this will more than likely be a more difficult relationship. You will find that having a partner that prefers to sleep with multiple people may be something that is too difficult for some people to understand. If you want to be with this person then it is a good idea for you to give swinging a chance and see if it is something that you can enjoy as well.

Open Relationships

There are a lot of people that prefer to have multiple relationships at a time. The most important aspect of this is honesty. You are going to need to get together with your partner and make sure that you are both able to understand what is off limits and what is okay.

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How to deal with a new relationship

Whenever you are in a new relationship you will find that it can be exciting and exhilarating. There can be a lot of little things that can you can do in a new relationship that can end up cutting it short. Make sure that you are able to make good decisions whenever you are in a new relationship to ensure that it can have a future.


Honesty is always the best policy when it comes to a relationship no matter how long it has been going. You will need to let the person know how you feel and where you stand. Granted, sharing too much too soon can scare a person off you should never keep something from them that you feel could come back to haunt you later on.


Whenever you are in a good relationship that is brand new it can be difficult to not move at warp speed. You will need to make sure that you are able to see outside of yourself and the relationship so that you can know if the pace that you are moving at is one that may be something that you end up regretting later.

Long Distance

I managed to strike up a long distance relationship with a woman in Australia, I met her on an Australian Swingers site some time back, my advice if you are going to do is is to get a decent web cam, it makes the evenings more fun.


When you are in a new relationship a few of the more important moments in it are when they meet your family and friends, the same can be said for you. Make sure that you talk to your partner about it before you jump in as they may not be ready. Communication is paramount.

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Avoiding the 5 Biggest Turn Offs

Hitting someones turn offs can end a relationship before it even starts. While many people have different quirks, there are a few things that are universal when it comes to turn offs. Here are a few of them so you know what to avoid.

Poor Hygiene

No one wants to accept a date with someone who smells badly or looks like they haven’t washed their hair in a few days. While we all have our ‘frumpy’ days, these are not the days you should try to pick someone up.


Being assertive is desirable, aggressive is not. If you come across as cocky you will have a hard time finding someone who is willing to look beyond this. This applies to women as well, not just men. Being a strong woman is great, but just be mindful that being bossy or pushy is not a sign of strength.

Bad Pick Up Lines

You can have some fun with pick up lines if you are creative. Asking a woman if it hurt when she fell from heaven isn’t going to score you brownie points. Just be yourself and leave the pick up lines to someone else.


Yes, it would be great to meet someone who is successful and ambitious. This doesn’t mean you should flaunt a Rolex and spend a lot of time talking about your newest corporate acquisition. Nothing makes you unapproachable more than this.

Low Self Esteem

While being too cocky is one thing, being down on yourself is another. If you don’t feel comfortable it’s going to show. We all have image issues, but try to keep them under wraps when you’re out.

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The key to a successful marriage

The key to a successful marriage isn’t just one specific thing. You are both going to need to come together on multiple levels if you want it to work. Even the strongest relationship will take work whenever marriage is involved. Marriage is always a work in progress, if you want it to last.


Both honesty and trust are 2 of the most important things in a marriage. If you cannot trust the other to be honest with you then this could end up easily ruining your entire relationship. Make sure that you are open with the other. Secrets are the fastest thing that will ruin a marriage.

Future Plans

Make sure that you both understand what your plans are. Make a 5 or 10 year plan with each other. Where you hope to be and what you hoped to have gained. This is something that will help you both to reach your own personal goals.


This is something that should be brought up long before any marriage vows are taken. You both need to decide if you want or do not want children. If neither one of you are unable to come together on this, then it could be the end before it ever begins.


Sex is so important in a marriage. After all, this is the person that you will be having sex with for the rest of your life. Make sure that you both talk about what you want and what you want to try to prevent boring each other in the bedroom.

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Unemployed? What to say on a date

If you happen to be unemployed and are dating then it can be a stressful time in your life. You don’t want people to automatically judge you just because you don’t currently have a job. This is something that you don’t want to be held against you so the way and the timing in which you say it are things that you will find can help a lot.

When to Say it

Telling a date that you are not currently employed may be something that you do not want to say right off the bat. Saying it too soon can end up making it seem a little more important than it is. You will find that the things that you end up telling a person early on will stick with them as they were the first things that they learned about you.


If you are unemployed then there is more than likely a reason for it. With the economy the way it is being unemployed is unfortunately not as uncommon as it used to be. You will find that a lot of people have lost their jobs and are in the same boat as you. Give your date an explanation of what happened and what your plans are if you feel they are curious.

How About a Cheap Night Out

You could always broach the subject of swinging, many swingers will be happy to meet you both in thier home for a session, you can find local swingers by looking through some Swingers Ads, or better still jump in your car, find a car park and go dogging :)

Don’t Lie

Make sure that you are completely and totally honest about your unemployment. While this is something that should not be viewed as a very big deal it is something that you should make sure to be honest about so that it does not turn into a big deal.

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Dating Later in Life – Finding Love after 50

Finding the perfect love is still possible after 50. Plenty of people find themselves back in the dating pool later in life. The kids are grown, and you probably have more time than you did in your 20s. This is the perfect time to get back out there.

Take Care of Yourself

There are plenty of very attractive people who are in their 50s and 60s. Treat yourself to a spa treatment, professional hairstyle, new threads, whatever it takes to build your confidence and get back out there and feel attractive while doing it.

Know Where to Meet People

In your 20s going out to nightclubs and crowded bars can provide plenty of opportunity to meet people. Past your 50s this doesn’t feel the same. You should look for volunteer groups, dances, music gatherings, and churches instead. These events will be more laid back, and will allow you to find other singles of your age. Check your local paper for events specifically for singles over 50 as well.

Go Online

It works for younger folks, so there is no reason it can’t work for those close to retirement as well. Many websites have large sections devoted to those over 50. Many of the big names promise matches regardless of your age. You can also find some of the smaller names that may have niche sites specifically for older adults. Spend some time browsing before you pay for a membership. Just avoid sites that look too flashy, or make unrealistic promises. These will probably just take your money and run.

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The Perfect Kiss in 6 Steps

It’s quite possible that the perfect kiss can seal the deal on future dates. We never want to be disappointed with a kiss, but in a few simple steps we can turn a mediocre kiss in to the perfect experience.

1. Eye Contact

Eye contact will make a kiss more intense. Gaze in to your partners eyes for a few seconds to form a closer emotional bond.

2. Remember to Smile

It doesn’t have to be a huge nerdy smile, but a small smile can go a long way in making a kiss perfect.

3. Lean in Slowly

Drag out the process to make the kiss more intense. Moving in slowly also prevents any awkwardness if you both lean towards the same direction. You’ll have time to correct this before going for the kiss.

4. Touch!

Yes, your lips will be touching. But touching the side of their face, the back of their neck, or their shoulder with a light graze will increase the intimacy.

5. Relax

Nothing is worse than kissing someone and knowing they were nervous. It’s a given that you are going to be nervous the first time you kiss someone, you should take a deep breath and relax before you go in. Relax your lips and moisten them to make them softer. Close your eyes and slowly part your lips.

6. The Moment of Truth

When your lips touch theirs the work should start. Follow their lead. If you are overly aggressive it will turn them off. Pull away slowly when you are done, and be sure to make eye contact again, and smile.

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